Nusa Dua Reef Foundation is established on May 20, 2010 by local stakeholders tourism industry in Nusa Dua, Bali. Our mission is to protect coral reefs of the world, especially Bali island and seek the national and international stakeholders to involve in actions to conserve coral reefs and reduce climate change impacts on coral reefs. At the carry out our mission, the organization collaborate with key stakeholders from local community, hotels, dive & water sports, fishermen group, government, and others.

  Our work is focuses on conservation, research and education programs of coral reefs and marine ecosystem at large.

  • Conservation is focuses on developing marine protected area, rehabilitation of damage reefs and increase coral reef resilience to climate change. We put social economic and ecological approaches as solutions to solve the problems of coral reefs and marine ecosystem at large.
  • Research is conducting monitoring and surveys of coral reefs and other marine ecosystem for understanding process and environmental factors that influence coral reefs health and climate change impacts on coral reefs.
  • Outreach is education and fund raising program to raise awareness of local communities, government, operators in tourism industry, tourists and others about coral reef values and ecological and economic benefits, and to improve their knowledge and understanding, concern and participation to help protection and coral reefs conservation.