Locally Marine Manage Area

  Tanjung Benoa is located in southeast of Bali, well known as a crowded and unwell managed marine tourism destination in Bali and ever in Southeast Asia. The marine tourism practices still under unfriendly approach for almost two decades. With combination threats from sedimentation, pollution from household waste (garbage), not well planned coastal development and climate change, coral reefs is highly under pressure and have degraded. If not addressed soon, will be a very serious threats and could be deadly marine tourism as the main livelihood of the people in the region.

  We initiate to establish a co-management Locally Marine Manage Area of Tanjung Benoa, collaboration with Tanjung Benoa Traditional Village. The traditional laws is plan will be used as regulation to manage LMMA. The main goal of LMMA is to manage and improve coastal and marine biodiversity, improve fishery production, and primarily to manage a sustainability of marine tourism. Marine tourism is the main source of community income of Tanjung Benoa.