Coral Transplantation in Celebrating 35th Anniversary of Marsh in Indonesia

Nusa Dua – PT Marsh Indonesia, in celebrating 35th anniversary the company, conducted a coral transplantation on spider’s artificial reef structure of Mars Accelerated Coral Reefs Rehabilitation System (MARRS). This activity has been done in conjunction to Corporate Training & Team Building 2018 at Taman Bhagawan, Nusa Dua Bali on March 4, 2018.

Alistair Stewart Fraser-Hawkins, the President Director of PT Marsh Indonesia in his speech said that the world’s coral reefs are threaten by human activities, such as over-fishing and destructive fishing, coastal development, marine-based pollution and damage, and agricultural runoff and also climate change. “This coral transplantation as part of our effort to save coral reefs in the world,” he said.

Coral reefs, the “rain forests of the sea” are among the most biologically rich and productive ecosystems on earth. They are supply a wide range of important benefits to communities in the world, provide valuable ecosystem benefits to millions of coastal people, important sources of food and income, serve as nurseries for commercial fish species, attract divers and snorkelers from around the world, generate the sand on tourist beaches, and protect shorelines from the ravages of storms.

With the tag campaign #SAVECORALREEFS, a board of directors together with 135 staffs of PT Marsh Indonesia transplanted about 135 coral fragments on 13 spider’s structures.  The Nusa Dua Reef Foundation teamwork then took it with a boat to the location of Coral Garden at Nusa Dua waters for its underwater installation.

Spider’s is design as (MARRS) in which the corals are attached, to fill the gap between the remaining natural corals. It stabilizes coral reefs, limits coral ruins and provides the substrate for recovery habitat, as well as natural enhancement of coral biodiversity. Fish can return quickly to rehabilitated areas, restore ecosystem balance, control algae and create the basis for sustainable fisheries in the future.

Our greatest thank to PT Marsh Indonesia for taking part in the coral reefs conservation of Nusa Dua. Thank you to Ego Global Network and Apollo Dive & Watersport for their support in this project.

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